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Deal of Week

Deal of Week

Big Sakura wooden family tree with Frames. This is our favorite way to display family photos. Place framed photos all around the tree!

The Sakura Wooden Family Tree will transform any ordinary wall into a beautiful spot where you can place your family photos. You may also attach pins and small nails to the wooden parts to add other personal items. The tree itself is pretty large and will stand out in the middle of the wall decoration. Sa

This is intended for indoor use. These are fantastic gifts for family and friends, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, or baby showers.

Our palette:


Size M
Size (LxW)*: 43х29.5 in (110х75 cm)
10 Frames:
10 pcs - 4x6 in (10х15 cm)

Size L

Size (LxW)*: 67х45 in (170х116 cm)
11 Frames:
8 pcs - 4x6 in (10х15 cm)
3 pcs - 6x8 in (15x21 cm)